You can confirm the email address we have on file for you by contacting our support team. We can often locate your order using your first and last name. After confirming we have the correct customer matched with their order, we can proceed to update any errors with your email address.

 When an email provider rejects multiple emails from us, we remove that email address from our email list. To ensure that you're signed up to receive emails, contact our support team.


Make sure STAND isn't blocked

If we have the correct email address and you're signed up for emails, there may be an issue with your email provider.


Contact your email provider for help with any of the above steps.


Try using a different email address

If you’re still not receiving emails from us, change the email address you use with STAND. If you don’t have an alternate email address, you can create one for free.

Once your email address is changed, you should start receiving emails from us at your new email address.