If you're on a phone or tablet, see Managing Cache and Cookies on a Mobile Device


Clearing your cache and cookies

  1. If pages are loading slowly or you're having trouble interacting with Submit or Purchase buttons, try reproducing the problem in an incognito tab or window. If the problem stops in incognito mode, you need to clear your temporary internet files (cache and cookies).
  2. If you're using a Windows computer, access your cache and cookies by pressing CTRL+Shift+Delete. If you're using an Apple computer, choose your browser below:

 Google Chrome

 Mozilla Firefox

 Apple Safari (Follow the instructions for "Remove stored cookies and data.")

If you're seeing an error on a page that isn't fixed by clearing your cache and cookies, please contact us or submit feedback HERE


About cache and cookies

If your cache isn't cleared, your computer may try to load the previous version of a page rather than the current one. If you have insufficient space for your cache, you may experience freezing or slow loading times.