Frequently Asked Questions and Common Topics


How Do I Install my Solar Light?

To install onto the flagpole just unscrew the Ball Topper and put it through the hole in the middle of the solar light and screw the ball back into the flagpole.  The solar lights come fully charged and will stay on for up to 8 hours. 



Solar Light stopped working?


  • Make sure the power button on it has been pressed and that the solar light panels have received sufficient sunlight.
  • Check for damage/defects. 
  • If there appears to be no damage/defects, we recommend replacing the batteries first.  If that does not work contact us HERE


How Do I Test if My Solar Light is Working? 


The best way to test the light is to make sure to take the clear plastic off of the solar panels, click the ON button and then leave it in the sun for a few minutes so that the solar panels can charge the batteries. Then go into a room with no windows and turn off the lights. Even when the power button is "turned on" the lights won’t turn on until its dark outside, so you must trick it into thinking the sun has gone down and then it should turn on.


How Long Does the Solar Light Stay Lit?


The Solar Flag Pole Light stays lit for about 8 hours.